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May 23, 2006:

Lloyd Bentsen Dies

Sen. Lloyd Millard Bentsen Jr., Democrat from Texas, shared a name with a vice president and ran for vice president himself, but never held that office. Though a four-term senator and President Clinton's first Treasury Secretaty, Bentsen will probably be best remembered for belittling a future vice president, Dan Quayle, during a televised debate on October 5, 1988.

QUAYLE: ...And then, if that unfortunate situation happens - if that situation, which would be very tragic, happens, I will be prepared to carry out the responsibilities of the presidency of the United States of America. And I will be prepared to do that. I will be prepared not only because of my service in the Congress, but because of my ability to communicate and to lead. It is not just age; it's accomplishments, it's experience. I have far more experience than many others that sought the office of vice president of this country. I have as much experience in the Congress as Jack Kennedy did when he sought the presidency. I will be prepared to deal with the people in the Bush administration, if that unfortunate event would ever occur.

WOODRUFF: Senator Bentsen.

BENTSEN: Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy. (Prolonged shouts and applause) What has to be done in a situation like that is to call in the -

WOODRUFF: Please, please, once again you are only taking time away from your own candidate.

QUAYLE: That was really uncalled for, Senator. (Shouts and applause)

BENTSEN: You are the one that was making the comparison, Senator - and I'm one who knew him well. And frankly I think you are so far apart in the objectives you choose for your country that I did not think the comparison was well-taken.

This is Sen. Bentsen's New York Times obituary.

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Kevin Deany said...

I remember that debate well, I watched it live.

A good joke emerged afterwards.

Marilyn and Dan Quayle were having sex and when they were done, Marilyn said, "Dan, you're no Jack Kennedy."