Friday, May 11, 2007

May 10, 1872:

Woodhull for President

In 1872, President Grant was re-nominated (no surprise there) by the Republican Party , which dominated national affairs, and the Democrats nominated Horace Greeley, who had no realistic chance of election, and who died a few weeks after the popular vote in any case.

But as with every presidential election, there was a raft of smaller-party candidates in the running, such as the Liberal Republican Party (a Republican splinter), the Independent Liberal Republican Party (a splinter of that splinter), the Straight-Out Democratic Party (yet another splinter), the Prohibition Party (its first foray nationally), the Labor Reform Party and the People's Party, also known as the Equal Rights Party, which, on May 10, 1872, nominated Victoria Woodhull for president.

Who? A largely forgotten woman clearly ahead of her time (the link also includes her '72 campaign song). She was first woman ever nominated for president, but not the last.

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