Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 7, 1800:

Millard Fillmore's Birthday

The name Millard Fillmore is practically a punchline all by itself. Other obscure 19th-century presidents may be obscure -- William Henry Harrison, Franklin Pierce, Chester Alan Arthur -- but they certainly have dignifed, presidential names. Millard Fillmore, on the other hand, sounds peculiar to modern ears, even though Millard was simply his mother's maiden name, a time-honored way to name children. So the man who signed the Compromise of 1850 and sent Commodore Perry to open Japan has items like this nonsense written about him.

Never mind. Buffalo, NY, remembers her favorite son. President Fillmore is first in line when it comes to the birthdays of the dead presidents, and every year the anniversary is acknowledged by the University at Buffalo.

This year's UB event was on the more convenient January 5, but there's another event on the 11th, according to a notice at

Millard Fillmore's Birthday Party
The Roycroft Inn

Join Millard Fillmore, who returns from Forest Lawn to provide his recap of political happenings over the past year on a local, state and federal level. This is political satire at its finest.

Event includes a reception, Know Nothing Beef Stew Buffet, entertainment and birthday cake.

Reservations are $20 per person at 652-8444. Event sells out quickly every year, so make yours today!

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