Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30, 1882:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Birthday

Children have their own lives. Even the child of a strong-minded, wealthy woman like Sara Roosevelt, who apparently had other ideas besides high office for her son and only child, born this day 125 years ago.

"The training and discipline of young Franklin were left to [his mother] Sara, who had forceful opinions on kind of man she wanted him to become," wrote Joseph P. Lash in Eleanor and Franklin (1971). " 'Never, oh never,' had it been her ambition for him that he should be president. 'That was the last thing I should have ever imagined for him, or that he should be in public life of any sort,' She had only one goal in mind for him:

'that he grow to be a fine, upright man like his father and like her own father, a beloved member of his family and a useful and respected citizen of his community just as they were, living quietly and happily along the Hudson as they had.' "

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