Monday, February 06, 2012

Once Upon a Lothario

It doesn't take much to get President Kennedy in the news, even though he's been dead for nearly 50 years. Did President McKinley have such a hold on the popular imagination in 1950? As well liked as McKinley was before his assassination, probably not.

Whatever the reason for the appeal, Kennedy's still got it. Note this photo taken during the summer of 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery. It depicts the crowd at the graves of the President and Mrs. Kennedy and two of their children. Not many other graves -- if any -- get this kind of attention, even at Arlington.

Yet another book about JKF will go on sale on Wednesday, but it's already in the news. The following is a sampling of headlines inspired on Monday by Once Upon a Secret by Mimi Alford.

Former intern: Book details Kennedy affair (CNN International)

Sex, drugs and JFK: memoir of a White House intern (The Independent)

Book details JFK affair with teen White House intern (

Grandmother details her teenage affair with JFK as a White House intern (The Australian)

Author says she was JFK's teen mistress (Baltimore Sun)

Former White House intern reveals JFK affair (TVNZ)

In New Book, Former White House Intern Details Her Alleged Affair With JFK (NPR)

5 Reasons JFK Was a Creepy, Lecherous Bastard (Gothamist)

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