Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007:

Dead Presidents Daily's Last Post

Dead Presidents Daily was intended to be a project for 2007, a year now over, and so this is the last posting for this blog. I hope my handful of readers have enjoyed it. It's been rewarding on this end, teaching me more than I would have imagined about presidents and the presidency and a slew of tangential information.

News of the dead presidents goes on, however. On the last day of 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle reported: "Sara Jane Moore, the self-styled radical who earned an infamous role in the parlous politics of 1970s America by trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford in San Francisco, was paroled Monday from a Bay Area federal prison after serving more than 30 years, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons said.

"Moore, 77, who was serving a life sentence, was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, and it was not immediately known where she went, bureau spokesman Mike Truman said. She will be under supervised parole for at least five years, federal authorities said."


noemi said...

Thanks, I came to this late in the year, but it's been a fascinating run. I'm keeping DPD in my Favorites for future delving.

Kevin Deany said...

I will miss this blog. Always full of interesting material. Let me know if you will embark on another project.

Multifuncional said...

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karen marie said...

it's june 2009 and this blog is STILL very relevant and useful.

thanks for putting it together!